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Newsletter Novembre 2021

Motion Engineering : member of the Active and Sustainable Mobility cluster

The Active and Sustainable Mobility cluster is a group whose ambition is to federate the bicycle industry in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. It is therefore quite natural that Motion joined this initiative this month, to continue to look towards the future. Innovative technologies, awareness-raising initiatives, collaborative project engineering, and industry expertise: the goal for Motion is to gain visibility, innovation, and collaboration to better support the mobility of tomorrow.

While Motion is committed to developing its partnerships and cooperation with project leaders with similar ambitions, it also knows how to distinguish itself through its added value: we are the only design office in the cluster to have our own patented technologies, which enables us to support our clients in developing specific products with very high added value.

The cluster has just celebrated its 100 members: we are proud and happy to reach this milestone alongside them.

La city : the new suspension for the urban environment

La City is a solution designed by Motion for the urban environment. Because it is in this market segment that bicycles see their potential unfold, Motion has created a suspension system specially designed for the city.

La City is a system patented by Motion, its ultra simple kinematics is composed of three elements: a rocker, a caliper support and a link. This assembly, easy and inexpensive to produce, allows us to make this technology accessible to all city bike manufacturers.

The result ? Unparalleled comfort, thanks to its pulled blade technology : an ideal progressive spring adapted to all morphologies, without adjustment.

Maintenance-free, it is designed to make life easier and city mobility more efficient, lighter and more enjoyable.

La City will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Do you want real added value for your city bikes? Do you want to be the first to benefit from this innovation? Contact us now to optimize your urban cycling solutions.

MTB fork E18 + : last opportunities

Remember, last month, we offered you our latest E18+ mountain bike forks at a very competitive price. Little jewels of innovation, our E18+ forks have been victims of their success: we only have a few left at the price of 960 euros, in 140 and 160 mm of travel, so don't miss these last opportunities!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the customers who trusted us and placed orders in October. We remind you that the after-sales service is still provided in our workshop, so that your purchases rhyme with excellence and support.

See you in December for the last newsletter of 2021!

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